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General Fees

This list has been produced to give you an indication of the fees for the most popular treatments. It is not a definitive list so please contact us if you would like more information.

Before starting on any treatment we will explain and discuss the options available to you, to help you which is best suited to you, your budget and your lifestyle and will then provide you with an estimate in advance.

Treatment Private Fees Denplan Essentials Denplan Care
New Patient Dental Health Examination £58.00 £58.00 £58.00
Routine Dental Health Examination £58.00 Included Included
Routine Scale & Polish (with dentist) £32.50 Included Included
Hygienist Appointment (half an hour) from £65.00 Included** Included**
Small x-ray £10.00 Included Included
Filling (White / Silver) from £80.00 £72.00 Included
to £148.00 £133.20 Included
Root Canal Treatment from £335.00 £301.50 Included
to £445.00 £400.50 Included
Routine/Surgical Extraction from £110.00 £99.00 Included
Wisdom Tooth Extraction from £145.00 £130.50 Included
Crown from £555.00 £499.50 Included*
Tooth Whitening from £305.00 £305.00 £305.00
Dentures – complete set from £1,015.00 £913.50 Included*
Dentures – partial set from £585.00 £526.50 Included*
*excluding laboratory fees
**depending on level

Invisalign® & Implant treatments are available please contact us for more information and prices.

All fees are intended as a guide only. Your dentist will discuss suitable options for your case, and give you a detailed estimate before going ahead with any treatment, so that you can make an informed choice.

Oral surgery fees

Treatment Fees
Surgical extraction under local anaesthesia £170.00
Surgical extraction of impacted lower third molar £270.00
Oral surgery consultation £60.00
Intravenous Sedation
– consultation £60.00
– treatment £405.00
Apicectomy of incisor, canine or premolar £425.00
– implant consultation £150.00
– single implant placement £1,935.00
– single implant crown £1100.00


Payment may be made by debit or credit card, cash or cheque on the day of consultation or treatment.

We also offer a 0% finance scheme for more expensive cases to spread the cost, please ask our reception team for further details.

Other Payment Options

Failed Appointments and Late Cancellations

We reserve the right to make a charge for failed attendance and late cancellations (less than 24 working hours notice).