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All of our procedures, including injections, are painless.

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We can provide sedation in the presence of a specialist Anaesthetist.

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Nervous Patients in Witney, Oxfordshire

Nervous patients – let us help you overcome your fear of the dentist at our practice

We are very good at treating patients for whom dental treatment induces anxiety, stress, fear and worse! Nervous patients come in all guises. Some cannot even walk through the door into a dental office, others, shrug it off and pretend they’re okay whilst their heart rate goes up, their skin turns cold and their muscles tense.

We like treating nervous patients because getting the nervous individual through their dental treatment is immensely satisfying. It makes us feel special!

There are a number of ways to help the dental phobic individuals overcome their dental fears. Below is a number of ways in which we can help.

No Pain

All of our procedures including our injections are painless.

Being sympathetic

We are sympathetic, caring and very, very gentle.

Knowledge is empowerment

Knowing what is going to happen to you can often dispel an unwarranted perceived fear.

No knowledge

Some people simple want it over with. No problem. Choose a movie from our extensive library. Put on the movie goggles, open wide (our dentistry is always painless), the movie is over, your dentistry is finished. Wasn’t that good.

Drill Free Dentistry

It is often possible to carry out dental procedures without resorting to the ‘dreaded’ dental drill. Speak to us today to find out more.

The above is not an exhaustive list. It gives you a flavour of what is possible. Why not make an appointment to discuss your individual needs with us and see for yourself how fearless dentistry can be.

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